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Decode Cyber Solutions

Welcome to Decode Cyber Solutions, your partner in online safety and security.

Founded in 2020, Decode Cyber Solutions is dedicated to keeping your staff safe and your organisation secure online. Our mission is to mitigate online threats and risks by focusing on the most important element of an organisation's cyber security: its people.

Our founder, Scott Tees, has over 30 years of military and police experience, including overseeing the safety of people and organisations in various countries and arenas. As the first Police Scotland National Lead for Cybercrime Prevention, Scott created and shaped the Police Scotland National Cybercrime Prevention strategy and has worked with key partners in the international cyber security arena.

At Decode Cyber Solutions, we believe that if an organisation values and looks after its staff, the staff will value and look after the organisation. That's why we work with organisations that value their people to keep them safe online.

Don't wait, contact us today and let us help your staff and organization stay safe online.

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